Monday, 3 September 2012

A few moths from last night

The Moth trap has been ignored a bit recently, but I set it last night and got a few that I was pleased with. Posting for confirmation more than anything. The first I think is a Feathered Ranunculus - a first for my garden if confirmed, while the second I'm quite sure is a Rosy Rustic. The Silver Y confused me as the Y seems a gold colour. Can anyone confirm it is a Silver Y please? The last I'm not sure of at all. What about Ingrailed Clay? Appreciate your help.
 Feathered Ranunculus
 Rosy Rustic
 Silver Y ?
Ingrailed Clay


  1. Hi Mark, all moths look good for what you think, except the bottom one. I think this is a Square-spot Rustic.

  2. Hi Mark, Yes, I also think the bottom one is a worn Square-spot Rustic.

  3. I just wonder whether bottom one is dark form of white line dart? It seems to show row of arrow-like marks towards base of forewing which I don't think you get on sp rustic but not 100% sure.

  4. Changed my mind! Having trawled through websites I think Ben and David are spot on with a dark form of sp rustic.