Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Id help please

This moth was in my living room last night. Having looked through Skinner I still can't ID it - Any help gratefully received. It's an iphone picturee of the back of my camera - hence the arrow. To lazy to connect the camera to PC

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Triple double

Chance to compare difference between triple spotted clay and similar double square spot after trapping both at R&R's in Colwyn Bay last night. Triple on the left much purplier in colour and more tighter slender wings.

Rare plume

For the second year running trapped what I think is a small goldenrod plume. No previous VC49 records until the one I caught last year and now caught another last night. Also a dark sword grass was NFY.
Small goldenrod plume?
Dark sword-grass

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Double Dart !

Some nice moths over the past couple of nights.
A lovely Archer's Dart - my first for the garden and a nice local species.

 Crescent Dart is also a local species and it's a nice change from the Heart and Darts that usually fill my trap.
 A stunning Beautiful Y.
 One of 7 Bird Cherry Ermine - very different from the Apple Ermine caught last week- in size and number of spots.
   A Bordered White - look at those lovely antennae below!

 Always a favourite - one of three Buff Ermine's in the trap
 Chequered Fruit Tree Tortix - lovely patterning
 A C|ommon Rustic - not so common in my garden so far this year.
 Is thsi a Daerk Spectacle - the eyes were not as prominent and the patterning darker in the back.
 Two Spectacles - look at the size difference. Male and female?
 Drinker - my first of the year in the garden
 Early Thorn
A nice Purple and Gold Pyrausta pyralis  another garden first
A lot quieter last night but for the second year running did trap an Ypsolopha scabrella. Ypsolopha scabrella photo moths3013.jpg

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hit for six

Quieter night last night with only lesser broad bordered yellow underwing and a six-striped rustic (pictured) NFY although I don't catch the latter every year.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Few nice moths trapped at Colwyn Bay over the last couple of days with what I think above is a Brussels lace, my first record.
Putting this one down as a buff footman because of extensive yellow on head and neck but opinions welcomed.
Also a smart dark arches
Also an uncommon moth for me this least yellow underwing
New for the year was a shaded broad-bar
Back home I'm hoping this pug turns out to be a narrow-winged pug
New for the year were antler and it was interesting to see the size difference between male and female

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Neighbourly call?

Don't if this is the same small emerald that Marc had yesterday but I had the second one of the summer in the trap last night plus fresh-looking July highflyer and small dusty wave. At R&R's in Colwyn Bay a phoenix was among the new garden records. Still puzzling over a tiny plume moth in my trap last night.
small emerald
small dusty wave
July highflyer
mystery plume moth

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

mixed bag and more ID

Is this just a form of Common Rustic?  never seen it before but had 3 last night.
Pillar on my hosta- anyone any ideas?

Rosy Tiger

Flounced Rustic? 
Lunar Thorn

Also Mother of Pearl, Barred Yellow, more Burnished Brass last night.  On Sat had about 50 Waterboatmen!  Felt a bit guilty.

Bay Watch 2 :-)

Another healthy trap this morning. Gutted to have lost a Small Emerald that flew just as I was about to click the shutter - my best moth of the morning too. Again Poplar Hawks, Peppered Moths, Scalloped Oaks and Crescent Darts  amongst thge commoner L Y Underwings, Dark Arches, Heart and Darts etc.
Below are the photographic highlights......
Again would appreciate corrections and i.d. help

 Acrobasis advenella - New micro for the garden
 Common Footman
 Diamond backed Moth - at last a photo of one after many escapees. I don't think I've come across another moth that doesn't sit still for a second.
 Early Thorn
 In the book this looks more like an Apple Ermine - however there are no records for V49. However, Spindle Ermine is very similar so I presume it's one of these.Saying that there's only three records in the atlas of that! Am I missing something?
 My forst Fanfoot of the year.
 Is this a Narrow winged Pug?
 A new one for the garden - a worn Two-barred Angle :-)
 One of three True Lover's Knot
It's amazing how pond intertibrates turn up in the trap, especially as I'm not aware of a garden pond on our street. Water boatman has been regular over the past few weeks but this is the first Diving Beetle that I have come accross - cracking little character.

north star

New garden record for my trap in Penrhyn Bay last night with a northern spinach. Also had fanfoot and V-pug new for the year and an as yet unidentified new micro (ideas appreciated).
Northern spinach
Unidentified micro