Tuesday, 9 October 2012

For the first time in about three weeks I was able to set the heath traps out again, and they certainly produced a good number of moths. I had over 110 moths in one trap, most of which were Lunar Underwings. There were also a few new moths which included my first Red-line Quakers of the autumn, a lovely Green-brindled Crescent, a Turnip Moth and a migrant Dark Sword-grass. The first Blair's Shoulder-knot for Bardsey was trapped in the observatory MV trap.

 Green-brindled Crescent
 Blair's Shoulder-knot
 Red-line Quaker
 Turnip Moth and Dark Sword-grass
Caloptilia stigmatella- 12 in the moth trap is a record catch for the island


  1. Nice pics Ben. Put mine out last night for the first time in ages! Changing the subject- any northern lights on show for you? Last night and tonight peak chance I think.

  2. Great moths Ben. Top of Orme for the Aurora I think Rob - peaked at 3.15am last night and apparently seen from Lancs and Norfolk so presume would be from here. Tony Kearney on night duty and on watch and will phone immediately if he scores. you want a middle of the night text?