Friday, 10 May 2013

Recent moths

Blogger has for some reason been refusing me access for the past couple of days but has relented this morning. Trap was out in the garden night of 6/7May. Some moths in, some outside on the ground which were 3 Hebrew Character, 3 Early Thorn and a female Emperor. The Emperor was a little dishevelled and wet with dew. I dried her in the sun and she became very active. I wanted a pic so 'cooled' her, when I took her from the fridge to photograph  - you can see the result

so now the problem was what to do with a set of Emperor eggs! They are nestling in a blackthorn bush still on the lid - so any advice is welcome!

There was a nice Herald in the trap

plus 3 Water Carpet, 12 Hebrew Character, 2 Red Chestnut, 2 Early Grey and 2 Common Quaker.

This pretty Plume also. Is it a Common? I wasn't able to pin it down from the Micro book

This rather tatty grey was in as well - I gave up. Any ideas?

Ian HW


  1. Some nice catches Ian, far better than I'm doing it's been my worst start to a season. Always difficult from photos but my guess would be the bottom one is another tho darker early grey and I would go for common plume but I'm still learning lots about micros! Other opinions welcomed of course. My only moth last night was a white shouldered house moth!

  2. Nice one Ian! It is certainly the worst spring I have ever had on Bardsey for moths, and I'm still not catching any!! The Emperor looks like a beauty. I would go for Emmelina monodactyla for the plume, although I am not sure what its common name is.