Saturday, 3 August 2013

Standing in for Marc

My friend Marc Hughes kindly let us use his Moth trap whilst he is enjoying his well earned holidays.  Sadly it has rained heavily every night since we've had it, but last night I took a risk and set it up.  This morning there were 27 lovely moths for us to look at.

I'm still trying to ID most of them but my favourites so far are....

A Swallow Tailed Moth

A Yellow Tail (Euproctis similis)

This one I found hard to ID so any help would be great.

The closest I can find is the Lunar Underwing.

If it stays clear the trap will be set again tonight.

Jonathen & Nicolette (Penrhyn Bay)

*****Update (Thank you Ben), the above moth is a Gothic. :-)


  1. Nice catch guys! That last moth is a stunner!! Looks like a Gothic to me?

  2. Thanks Ben. Yes you are probably right :-)

  3. Hi Jonathen, I live near Marc in Penrhyn Bay. Be delighted to sort any out your not sure about. Cheers Julian