Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumnal Moths in Cemaes

 Pearly Underwing
 Pearly Underwing and Feathered Ranunculus
 Feathered Ranunculus
 Burnished Brass
 Dusky Thorn
 Frosted Orange
 Lunar Underwing
 Common Marbled Carpet
 Marbled Carpet sp. 1
Marbled Carpet sp. 2

Above is a selection of moths I caught last night. Is Pearly Underwing a common immigrant in North Wales? Also any tips on separating Marbled Carpets would be good :-)


  1. Pearly underwings are not that common Steve, only 12 records on the North Wales Lep database for Anglesey. You're supposed to be able to separate common/dark marbled carpets on underwing pattern but I always find it difficult.