Friday, 28 June 2013

Mixed bugs and ID

Ok honest I'm not being lazy but some of these have me stumped.

 Not a clue above
Mottled Pug below

 Cork Moth above
Beetle-not sure?

 One of the Crambidae but doesnt seem to match any?
Bee Moth giving me evils


  1. Hi Rob. The top macro is a Brown Rustic I think. Not sure about the others though.

  2. Cheers David. That solved my Brown Rustic laziness yesterday. Hi Rob, it won't be long before you're disecting their genitalia, mark my words boy!

  3. Brown R for me too- bottom micro is a species of Scoparia or Eudonia, but I don't think you can do them reliably (or at all!) without dissection.