Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mystery Moth 27/6/13

I had a good catch of moths on Mynydd Bodafon, Anglesey last night. 150 moths of 46 species was a good total. In the trap was this individual, which I'm really not sure about...maybe some kind of Brocade or 'Arches sp.? Pretty well marked but I cant find anything which fits. A dark form of Clouded-bordered Brindle?


  1. My first thought on seeing this was Clouded Bordered Brindle too- still quite an odd individual! An excellent catch too David. I only caught 35 last night!

    1. Thanks Ben. I'm beginning to think its that species too, but a very odd, and nicely marked individual!My parents house is very near farmland, moorland and marshy areas so I get quite a variety. Also on top of a hill, so I can attract migrants (I think!).