Thursday, 20 June 2013

Remarkable night, Tuesday.

Trap full; probably will exceed 55species. Took me all day to identify those I could and there are still a number which are still just photos. Couple of showy ones below.

Catch included 5 Elephant Hawk, Small Elephant Hawk, Poplar Hawk and Eyed Hawk.  Hope to show more soon but off to Skokholm today.


  1. Hi Ian, good stuff there! I also had a very good Tuesday, with over 200 moths of at least 47 species, lots of frustrating pugs! One or two I cant identify which I hope to put up later. Are you trapping near your house?

  2. Hi David, slow to reply as I buzzed off to Skokholm after I'd emptied the trap! I am trapping in my garden mostly - my trap is mains fed.
    That Tues. had to be a good night didn't it, with the weather? Not sure Mag appreciated the length of time it took me and there are quite a few - including pugs - not yet id'd