Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bodnant Gardens NT - Conwy Valley

Making the most of our NT membership we recently visited Bodnant Gardens. Beautiful Demoiselle showed well on the small river in the valley at the bottom of the beautiful ornamental gardens. Lots of Large Red Damselflies had just emerged in the long rectangular Lilly Pond and were frantically mating as Palmate newts popped up for air now and then. Also the Laburnum arch was dripping with Yellow flowers. A smashing day out , even my son (Rhys) had fun as he fell into one of the ornamental ponds up-to his neck. Well he was curious how deep they were and now he knows!


  1. Nice one Steve, was there yesterday myself doing the odd ends of a BBS.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    Your obviously interested in damsels and dragons. As North Wales Dragonfly Recorder I'd welcome any records or photos. We're doing a new atlas of British and Irish species next year and this is the last flight season to send me any records. I would need a date, location name and 6- or 8-figure grid reference though. Other information such as numbers present would be great.

    I could add you onto the list of people who will receive the North Wales Dragonfly Newsletter. If you want to go on please e-mail me at:

    Diolch yn fawr,