Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Moth numbers improving at last.

A couple of better moth catches last night in the school moth traps with some lovely species for the kids to get out of the traps.

Night of June 24th/25th
3 Heart and Dart
1 Heart and Club
1 Dark Arches
2 Angle Shades
2 Marbled Beauty
3 Garden Carpet

Night of June 25th/26th
1 Common Rustic
8 Heart and Dart
1 Heart and Club
1 Grey Dagger
1 Scalloped Hazel
1 Buff Ermine
3 Dark Arches
3 Marbled Beauty
1 Ribband Wave
3 Garden Carpet
1 Green Pug
3 Common Pug
1 Common Marbled Carpet

Any comments or corrections of the below appreciated as usual.

 One of two Angle Shades
 Dark Arches numbers on the increase
Green Pug
One of my favourite species - Grey Dagger
 Rosy Minor I think?
 Is this Marbled Beauty as opposed to Willow Beauty? What is the best way of telling them apart?
A Scalloped Hazel - a first for the gardens


  1. Looks good for marbled beauty to me Marc, on willow beauty the 2nd and bottom cross lines converge at the trailing edge which this doesn't. Grey dagger and dark dagger usually need gen dissection to separate.Difficult to tell from pic about the minor but rosy's central cross bar is usually shorter than others. But again gen dis is often needed.

  2. I wish we had been doing this when I was in school - how much more interesting education would have been. Fantastic!