Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with small catches this season. Here are a few shots from this year so far (and there have been very few shots taken this year). I have a couple of shots here that I'm not sure about, so any help would be appreciated.

Adela Reaumurella - photographed in our garden/woodland, earlier in the year.

I think this is a Purple Clay, but I need to get this confirmed, if anyone can help? Caught on Sunday 17 June.

Pebble Prominent (Notodonta ziczac) 17 May 2012

Unidentified Pug 19 May 2012 - again, if anyone can help with this one, much appreciated.


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    1. Thank's Steve - I do try. Getting them to stay still long enough is the usual problem. Had a stunning Scorched Wing two weeks ago, but as expected, it flew as soon as I tried to re-position it. I generally go for a "let them settle in their own time" approach. If I don't get the shot, it's a shame, but I prefer not to disturb them too much. Just in case i come back as a moth and I get caught, I hope they will treat me the same.

  2. Looks a good shout for purple clay Anthony and the pug could be a Freyer's. Try putting them on Back Garden Moths website and see what others think. Cheers Julian

  3. Will try - fryer's is a possible, I have had them here before, but only 1 I think.