Sunday, 24 June 2012

Weekend Moths - June 23/24th

Quiet in the garden trap at Penrhyn bay this weekend. 

7 Heart and Dart
Small Magpie
2 Clouded boarderd Brindle

Confirmation that I've got these right or corrections if I'm wrong would be appreciated.

 Clouded Bordered Brindle 
 Heart and Dart
Small Magpie


  1. Hi,

    1. Unable to confirm from image (sorry)
    3. Small Magpie (Eurrhypara hortulata) a micro - Magpie (Abraxas grossulariata) much larger.

    Best regards,
    Les @dorsetmoths

  2. Cheers Les - that's why it's not in my book then ;-)
    Will have to invest in that new Micro book that I'm hearing so much about.