Thursday, 28 June 2012

last nights moths-help please

The more I catch the more i realise I haven't got a bloody clue!
I think this a Beautiful Golden Y rather than Plain GY?
 Large Yellow Underwing?  Bit more patterned than in book!
 Double SQ Spot with pink tinge
 Micro for those of you with the book. Ta
Another micro from a few nights ago-only about 5mm
 I think this is the rebeli form of Willow Beauty also from a few nights ago


  1. I wouldn't be confident enough to answer any of these questions, but I get stuck with those first micro's too - I get a lot of those. The last one is interesting, would be good to find out!

  2. Think top one is plain golden Y Rob, it lacks gold edge round kidney mark.Looks good for lyu and top micro I think is eudonia angustea,don't know the other and bottom one looks good for rebeli.

  3. Second micro looks good for Argyresthia curvella, which is pretty common in gardens etc.