Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gwydir Dragonflies

I had a good day in the Gwydir last week and saw a few Dragonflies. I was was hoping for a Golden Ringed, but didn't have luck. However, I did come across a number of Four-spotted Chasers including mating individuals and tail dipping females. Large Red Damdselflies and Common Blue Damselflies were also evident. I did see one Broad bodies Chaser but it flew off before I could capture it on camera.


  1. Keeled Skimmer should be out at Bodgynydd soon - a local goodie! I've had golden ringed at Nantmor, Llyn Cefni and near Pili Palas in the last 10 years.

  2. Hi Marc. If you could provide a date and more detailed location for these photos I could turn them into valuable records. A 6- or, ideally, 8-figure grid ref. is needed for a record as well as date and location name. The latest North Wales Dragonfly Newsletter features a very unusual bluet from the Gwydyr Forest!