Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cemaes Catch 26th June 2012

 Broad barred White
 Middle barred Minor -I think?
 Moth sp 1
 Moth sp 2
 Moth Sp 3
Moth sp 4

Dark Arches 15
Heart and Dart 19
Clouded bordered brindle 5
Rivulet 1
Brimsone 2
Lychnis 1
Garden Carpet 1
Green Carpet 1
Plain Golden Y 1
Middle barred Minor 1
Broad barred White 1
Scalloped Hazel 1
A little help with the small brown jobs if possible please ?


  1. Hi Steve, I reckon the last two are sp2 a really weird Ingrailed Clay and maybe one of the Quakers for sp3 poss Powdered?

  2. Ta Rob. Have you invited the Moth Recorder John Harrold to the blog? Maybe he could help with us Moth-dudes!

  3. I'll have a go at these Steve, but it's often hard from just looking at pics. I think top one is pale mottled willow, second could be mottled beauty, third is probably ingrailed clay and last one probably an uncertain. The minor could be middle-barred but they are difficult to separate from others.

  4. Cheers Julian, checking in the books that all fits. It's really useful this blog as it's great when people like yourself can point people like me in the right direction! Thanks.I suppose its a bit like when you first get into birds sorting out the pipits etc...