Friday, 22 June 2012

Inspiring a generation.....hopefully.

Whilst out in the Cloccaenog Forest with 30 children for the last 3 days, I tried my best to inspire the younger generation with a bit of old fashioned nature study. Small mammal trapping, bird photography, pond-dipping were all on the menu but moth trapping was probably the biggest hit! Above is a picture of the moth group, still in their p.j's opening the traps at 6.30am!

The new school skinner trap. Should make coming to school a bit more fun for some kids!

2 Elephant Hawks moths were caught - probably the favourite species with the kids.

Closely followed by the Popular Hawk Moth. If any species should inspire a child, it should be this beauty!

What a gorgeous creature the Elephant Hawk Moth is.

Buff Ermine.

White Ermine

Cinnibar Moth
Common Rustic? - I've got a bit rusty as this is the first time I've had the traps out this year. Corrections or confirmations much appreciated.

Common Swift.

Flamne Shoulder.

Heart and Club

i.d. Help needed please?

Help id.d needed please - the wings were a lovely gold but I think it's a bit worn.

A great few days - despite the weather and just goes to showe that the X-box generation can still be won over by the natural world.


  1. The last picture has been I.d as a Small Angle Shades. Good old back garden moths web site :-)

  2. Fantastic to see kids having someone that can foster their interest!

    The rustic looks more like Dusky Brocade to me, but they can be tricky. The "dogs tooth" along the trailing edge of the wings was the thing that swung it for me when I caught a couple in the garden a few nights ago.

    Kind regards

    Steve T

  3. Thanks Steve- Dusky Brocade it is then- always great to learn a bit more. The 1st 'unknown' has been mooted as a Satin Beauty on back garden moths- any opinions on this?