Monday, 15 July 2013

Green Silver-lines and pug help needed

Another couple of good trap days with Garden tigers and Poplar Hawks appearing again. Here is the first set of the day - I'll process the rest later thsi evening.
 Green Silver-lines is always a thrill to find in the trap. This is only the second I've caight in the garden and a new one for the year.
 I haven't had many Swallowtails this year, so I enjoyed looking at this example.
Another Ancylis achatana - one of two on the trap. Perhaps more regular than the atlas suggests.
Cydia pomonella or Codling Moth
Scoparia ambigualis or Common Grey - I think?
Can anyone help with this Pug please? Probably common and obvious but not got to grips with them I'm afriad.

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