Friday, 12 July 2013

Next door catch

My kind neighbour has let me set my Skinner trap next door - great news as she's got loads more plants in her gardens. Last night's catch produced Poplar Hawk Moth, Knot Grass, 2 Buff Arches, 3 Grey Dagger, Bordered White, Bordered Straw, Common Wainscot, Dark Spectacle, Bright-line Brown Eye, Brown-line Bright Eye, 2 Peppered Moth, 12 Heart and Dart, Crescent Dart, 2 Dark Arches, Dark Spectacle, 3 Large Yellow Underwing, Marbled Beauty and several micros that I haven't got round to identifying.

Nothing better than finding a Hawkmoth in your trap, even if it is the most common of them all; the Poplar Hawk moth.

Peppered Moth - always reminds me of genetics o level biology lessons!

A nice Knot Grass - I think this one is a first for my garden, although technically it's next door!

Buff Arches - one of my favourite of all moths.

The area has a good reputation for Crescent Dart and I quite often catch them in the garden.

Bordered White - another first for the garden.
Bordered Straw - great wing shape on this one, curled up at the back.

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