Monday, 22 July 2013

Quality not Quantity

Its been a pretty good day for lepidoptera here on Bardsey, particularly for micros! After turning the withies trap on last night, I was quite pleased to trap 250 odd moths- but it was more about the species represented. I noticed a small micro (hardly noticeable) on the side, which I duly potted.

On one of the egg boxes was this superb micro which later I found to be Gynnidomorpha permixtana. After looking it up, I immediately found that it is a pretty rare moth!
According to Hants Moths this species is a National Scarce B, and apparently is a proposed Red Data Book species. Looking at the distribution maps in The Micro book, there are a few areas where it is found, one of which is in North Wales. A quick search on The North Wales Lepidoptera Database and I found that there are only three previous records of this species in North Wales, the last of which was in Llandudno in 1961! The foodplant- Red Bartsia- is present on Bardsey

What a beauty!! Gynnidomorpha permixtana (I think)
 Next up was this rather large and distinctive macro: a Double Line. New for Bardsey, and apparently another National Scarce B, which is presumed to be an immigrant (it would certainly fit for this situation).
 Struggling with this micro: possibly Mompha miscella? Haven't much of a clue really!
 The Lychnis was a nice edition to the year 
 A huge female Map-winged Swift

Thoughts on any of the above welcome!! 

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