Sunday, 28 July 2013

Double Dart !

Some nice moths over the past couple of nights.
A lovely Archer's Dart - my first for the garden and a nice local species.

 Crescent Dart is also a local species and it's a nice change from the Heart and Darts that usually fill my trap.
 A stunning Beautiful Y.
 One of 7 Bird Cherry Ermine - very different from the Apple Ermine caught last week- in size and number of spots.
   A Bordered White - look at those lovely antennae below!

 Always a favourite - one of three Buff Ermine's in the trap
 Chequered Fruit Tree Tortix - lovely patterning
 A C|ommon Rustic - not so common in my garden so far this year.
 Is thsi a Daerk Spectacle - the eyes were not as prominent and the patterning darker in the back.
 Two Spectacles - look at the size difference. Male and female?
 Drinker - my first of the year in the garden
 Early Thorn
A nice Purple and Gold Pyrausta pyralis  another garden first

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