Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kids delight -

Opened my trap at home yesterday for local primary school top class. This was just one box -

they were thrilled and excited. They had seen the trap set up the evening before so were amazed at the contents. Some nice big showy moths and a good smattering of Burnished Brass 'gold' showing up.

There were probably towards 400 moths, a number escaped and I battled my way through about 50 species, without an audience!

There were uncertainties and I would appreciate some help with:

can I call this a Small Rivulet - size seems right?

This seems to be a Brussels Lace - can someone check this?

Have failed with this pug (view from above and below)

Is this a Common Wave or a Common White Wave?

There was a July Belle I was confident about but this is different (?) is it a Lead Belle?

This Clay was small - size was that of a White-point but could that be?

 I was flagging at this point - this may be just another Riband Wave?

This little beast was Minor size is it a Marbled or poss. a Rufous?

and this I guess is just a Common Rustic, pale version, well worn?

All in all a good box full - wish my brain was sharper!


  1. Hi Ian. Some good boxes full there. Got 430 of 56 sp. myself at Cemlyn last night. I could have a bash at a few of the queries. Small Rivulet- looks good, Brussels Lace- yes I think so, been catching them myself here and at home, pug-looks a bit worn to be identifiavble? July Belle looks more likely on the pic, Clay - size can be variable I've found, so I would go for that, Riband Wave- looks like one,not sure about the Minor but looks like Marbled? Hope that helps a bit.

  2. Looks like common white wave to me Ian and a common/lesser rustic. Excellent haul and I'm envious cos never had Brussels lace. Cheers Julian

  3. Wow! What a catch! That box full would do me nicely thank you very much! All I'm getting here is hundreds of Dark Arches! Agree with all stabs at IDs- last moth looks like a Flame to me.

    1. I am sure you are right about Flame. Marc's photo today of his Flame confirms that.

  4. Thank you all for the comments/ids