Sunday, 14 July 2013

Good run continues - Goths and Tigers!

A super Gothic caught this morning. The good run continues with garden moths with another good haul (for my garden anyway). A few firsts for the year with a superb Gothic(one of my favouties) and a gaudy Garden Tiger. Other traps included an always popular Poplar Hawk, a Triple-spotted Clay, Yellow-tail, Cabbage moth, a Garden Carpet along with the usuals.
Top to bottom:- Garden Tigers are always a joy to find in the trap. Not a species that I get often in the garden but one that is regularly caught in the area. A nice Triple-spotted Clay. A Yellowtail - cute or what? Carpets usually fly out on the opening of the box, so it was nice of this Green Carpet to stay put for a picture. Always popular with the kids - a very sociable Poplar Hawkmoth. Not the most inspiring of names - The Cabbage Moth. Earlier on the Orme several Graylings were on the wing.

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