Monday, 22 July 2013

More Penrhyn Bayh Garden Moths - and a few i.d. help needed please

It's got to have been the best few weeks I've ever had trapping in our garden since I started trapping sopme five years ago.
another vared catch last night with several Swallowtails, Poplar Hawk Moths, Daggers and Peppered Moths amongst other commoner moths. A few new for the year included Antler Moth adn what I think is a Poplar Grey but haven't ruled out Grey Chi either - any help appreciated?
 Muslin Moth
 Red barred Tortix
 Silver Y
 Small Angle Shades
 Antler Moth
 The two subspecies of Burnished Brass - Diachrysia chrysitis f. juncta and f. aurea
 June High flyer
 A rather tatty Pain Golden Y
 Udea prunalis
 I though this was another Coronet but looks more like a Poplar Grey? Knott Grass? Any help appreciated please
 Is this a Beauty of some kind? Another one I could do with some help with. It threw me as it's wings were held up not like the flat position I normally see Beauties adopting.
 Above and below - any help appreciated. Doing my head in this one!

Bryotro phadomestica
 Anania coronata
Shuttle shaped dart

Frsutrating story of the day was a large Hawk Moth, I'd go as far as saying a very big one. It was buzzing around inside Maplins Electronic store in Llandudno. It's wings were moving so fast but I'm sure I could make out white stripes on it. apart from that it was quite dark.  It was bashing into every light in there before finding its way to the front door and out of it and high up into the sky - frustrating!!


  1. Nice catch- shame about the Hawkmoth!! The one that got away I guess. Only few I can help with are the two torts: look almost like Lacuna Moths to me (Celypha lacunana), and the green thing I think is actually a V-Pug?

  2. Great - nice one Ben. I can see both of those now. Cheers

  3. Just hope that hawkmoth turns up in my trap tonight Marc! Your silver Y looks more like a beautiful golden y, I think it's poplar grey showing whitish patch two thirds down wing plus the oval eye and my guess would be mottled beauty. Agree with Ben looks like V-pug. I had celypha lacunana id'd on BGM last year so it's in the area.

  4. Nice one- cheers. I originally thought it was a beautiful golden Y but as the Y was joined plumped for silver Y. I presume it's variable then. Thanks for Poplar Grey I.d. Happy to correct the I.d of the pig and micro too. Thanks for help :-)

  5. According to the books the y can be joined together in some individuals so I think that's what it is!