Saturday, 13 July 2013

Some new for the year moths and a couple of HEELLPPP!

Another nice trap in next door's garden/ A Yellow Shell was a nice catch but flew off as I was trying to take a picture of it. 3 Grey / Dark Dagger, Buff Arches, Pheonix, Marbled Beauty amongst others. A few micros need confirming please - I'm still going through some of them so will have more later. Any ideas on the greay moth? A worn dagger or something else? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I'm having loads of Grey / Dark Daggers at the moment. As they are so light I presume they are Grey Dagger.

A lovely little Marbled Beauty - always a please to catch.

Is this Ancylis achatana? Looks like one to me but not many records for around here according to the atlas.

Can I have help with this one please? Is this a worn grey dagger? Looked very different from the top photo but can't seem to get it to fit anything

Another one I need help with please. .

A superb Pheonix - a nice male with it's upturned abdomen.
A Marbled Orchard Tortix I presume?


  1. Hi Marc. Great catch- I caught about 130 last night in my little heath trap, but nothing out of the ordinary.
    Top looks like Grey Dagger, although I'm not sure if you can really do them without dissection.
    Tort looks good for A. achatana. The worn macro doesn't look like a dagger to me, almost has the look of a shears or something.
    The reddy micro is Delplanqueia dilutella (used to be Pempeliella d.)
    Last also looks good for Marbled O Tort


  2. Cracking mix Marc nearly all would be new for me. Need to increase my wattage I think!

    1. Looks a bit faded but dingy shears has similar marking for mystery moth.

    2. Cheers all. Pale Shears and Tawny Shears also mentioned elsewhere Julian. Have you ever caught A achanata around here Julian? According to Atlas web site it has never been recorded in V49.

  3. No Marc I've never knowingly(!) had one so looks a good record.