Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Although there is still a full moon out and the wind has been a little breezy, the heath trap in the withies caught  17 moths last night. The totals were: 4 Dark Arches, 4 July Highfliers, 1 Rose Tortrix, 1 Snout, 3 Common Swifts, 1 Garden Tiger, 1 Garden Grass-veneer, 1 Ingrailed Clay and 1 Argyresthia sorbiella. There have been far more moths out in the daytime, with over 300 Garden Grass-veneers in the grassland, and a few more micros.

 Drinker from yesterday-apparently the caterpillars drink droplets of dew, hence the name
 The Snout 
I saw my first Yellowshells of the year today 
 There were at least 20 Six-spot Burnets along the track
 Lacuna Moths have emerged in the last few days
 Micropterix aruncella. I found one in the withies yesterday, and another today, although they've never been seen on Bardsey before
Stigmella aurella-yes, those are millimetre divisions! No wonder this moth has only been recorded six times on Bardsey

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