Saturday, 21 July 2012

Small Emerald steals the show

With the term over, the schoool moth traps ae now back in my garden in Penrhyn Bay. Highlight of last night's catch was my first Small Emerald. A quick look on the database shows this to be an uncommon visitor to North Wales, with only 36 known records.

Other moths included 2 lovely Swallow-tailed Moths, 3 Silver Y, Brown-line Bright-eye, Clay, Mottled Beauty, Light Arches, Uncertain, Common Rustic, 2 Scalloped Oak and a number of Dark Arches, Heart and Dart and Large Yellow-Underwings.

 Small Emerald - Amazing how two pictures can make a moth look totally different - colour, shape and light all confusing things.
 Swallow-tailed Moth in pristine condition - What a beauty!

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