Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A good couple of days

Its been a good couple of days for moths, with 72 in the trap yesterday and about 100 today. Yesterday's catch included the first Southern Wainscot of the year, which is said to be 'Local'. I also caught my first Grass Emerald of the year and a few Map-winged Swifts.

 Southern Wainscot
 Grass Emerald
Map-winged Swift

There were also some new micro moths for Bardsey. Number one was a Crambid which I'm pretty sure is Agriphila inquinatella, although feel free to correct me. Next one up was a species of Coleophora, that didn't look like the C.albicosta that I've seen before. So I'm fairly sure that it is in fact C. discordella
What I think are Agriphila inquinatella and Coleophora discordella- any other thoughts?

For last night I lugged the Heath trap and a 12 volt battery up the mountain to see what I could catch in the calm weather. Unfortunately the wind picked up overnight, the result being a disappointing catch with the highlights being two Narrow-winged Pugs (third and fourth for the island)
 Whilst up on the mountain I managed to find another first for Bardsey, this Neofaculta ericetella...

One more micro from today that I found in my garden-a Tortrix that looks pretty good for Choristoneura hebenstrieitella. Another first for the island!

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