Sunday, 1 July 2012

Glan Conwy moths - moth lifer!!

Great excitement when we opened Ian's trap this morning in his garden at Glan Conwy - a superb Lilac Beauty. We can only find one other record of this moth in the county (Maenan - July 2011).
We were joined here by Rob Sandham who also brought along his own Cabbage Moth caught in Gyffin last night (a garden first for Rob).
Other beauties in Ian's 'Robinson's trap' this morning included the following:-

Beautiful Golden Y
Light Emerald
Muslin Footman
3 Flame Shoulders
2 Popular Hawkmoths
8 Heart and Darts
2 Heart and Club
4 Large Yellow Underwing

The Beautiful Golden Y is certainly beautiful.
 Light Emerald blending in with the egg box!
 Muslin Footman (the name causing much amusement of the kids present)
 Lifer for Ian, Rob and myself - Lilac Beauty.
 Popular Hawk Moths are always popular amongst the younger generation present.
Hopefully the weather will be better this evening and we can get up to Pensychnant for a few hours from 10pm (if anyone fancies it?)


  1. Lilac beauties are smart moths and a good catch Marc. Not totally sure about No 2. Have you considered Uncertain or The Rustic?

  2. Hi Julian. I see what you eman about no. 2! Probably an Uncertain. I've updated the blog.