Sunday, 1 July 2012

Quantity not Quality

Lots of Moths in the traps last night, however  most of these were one species!

33 Heart and Dart
3 Heart and Club
3 Large Yellow Underwing
2 Dark arches
1 Rosy Monir
1 Buff Ermine
1 Cabbage Moth
1 Scalloped Hazel
1 Garden Carpet
1 Brimstone

 Brimstone Moth - they usually fly away on opening the trap.
My second Scalloped Hazel of the year


  1. Excellent. Let's set up an inter school moth trapping evening. Not competitive but collaborative :) Minibus in morning to ferry children to open traps located around county. I'm thinking September btw

  2. Go for it, sounds ace. Gut Crakes in Guernsey is also into moths and is a school teacher- get him involved too. Anyone else out there in the teaching profession? Tristan Reid- you know anyone in Cumbria?