Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Peppered with Moths!

Lots of Moths in and around the trap last night, but only one new one - a fine Peppered Moth. A first for the year in the gardens. Another fine Buff tip again last night - always a thrill to find. Best of the rest:-

1 Uncertain
2 Garden Carpet
1 Common Pug
25 Heart and Dart
2 Heart and Club
5 Dark Arches
4 Large Yellow Underwing
2 Buff Ermine
6 Mottled Beauty
1 Silver Y

 Peppered Moth - a first for the year. Always reminds me of Biology lessons in school - genetics and adapting to one's environment. Never caught a Black one though.
 Always a thrill to find in the traps - a Buff tip. This one was more opened winged than yesterdays. Kids (and adults) always amazed by the broken twig look.
My second Silver Y of the year - ableit slightly worn.

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