Friday, 6 July 2012

More year ticks

The flat calm weather last night was much better for the moths, with over 40 in the trap, including a few firsts for the year...

 This pretty Barred Straw is only the second record for Bardsey (the first was last year
 I'm fairly sure that this is a Mottled Beauty, although it was very well-marked and quite small.
 Lackey-first of the year
True Lover's Knot
This could be one of about five species-comments about its identity welcome

No micros this time, but its been extremely wet


  1. Bit of a teaser this one Ben!
    I initially thought Nutmeg,but it doesn't seem to have the dark edged kidney mark.
    One for your CR perhaps.
    Agree with Mottled Beauty.

  2. Agree with John, it could be one of several. My guess would be dusky brocade.