Friday, 13 July 2012

One of the best nights of the year in terms of the number of moths last night. I one of the heath traps, there were 150 macro-moths of 24 species. In the other two traps there were about 80 moths, and included Common Emerald, Single-dotted Wave, Agapeta hamana and a rather smart Thistle Ermine (second for Bardsey). There was also this Riband Wave and the first few Antler Moths of the year.

 Riband Wave
 Antler Moth
 On the micro-moth front, it was a pretty good day. Firstly, I've just dug out this Agonopterix sp. from the fridge from a couple of days ago. I'm thinking that this could be A. conterminella-what do people think?
 I found this Batia lambdella near the obs, which is the sixth for the island...
 A new one for me was this Thistle Ermine, and is only the second for the island.
 Mirificarma mulinella-this was a first for Bardsey last year, but I have since seen quite a lot, with two today
I found this Monochroa cytisella on the mountain this afternoon, which has never been recorded on Bardsey before, even though its foodplant is Bracken
I would like to know if anyone else agrees with this being Eana penziana, as it hasn't been recorded here since 1966, when it was the first for Carnarvonshire. Its also apparently Nationally scarce

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