Sunday, 8 July 2012


I have been recording micros pretty rigorously since the beginning of last year here on Bardsey. Before that Richard Else did the same for a couple of years too. So its pretty surprising that there are still species cropping up that haven't been seen here before. Yesterday, I found two more firsts for the island- a Large Pale Clothes Moth, and Anarsia spartiella.

 Large Pale Clothes Moth (fairly confident on this one)
 Anarsia spartiella- this one is a female because the Labial palps stick out of its snout

Some more common micros from today...
 Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix
 Cnephasia sp. Any ideas?
Either Eudonia Murana, Truncicolella or Lineola- it looks like one of the latter two to me, but you can't do them reliably without dissection
Glyphipterix thrasonella and Glyphipterix simpliciella

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  1. Impressive stuff Ben. My Micros book is arriving this week so hopefully can start catching you up! Keep up the great work :-)