Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I've been waiting to see if I caught one again this year, and I think this is one - Barred Carpet! Can anyone confirm this please, I'm not confident enough to give it a definite yes. I have caught them every year for the last two years, this would make it a third.

Unfortunately, it flew when I had my back turned and only got one shot. Pity, it was a very clean, fresh individual and if I could have got it to sit on something more photogenic than a piece of wood....

Otherwise, had quite a large haul last night with lots of Mottled Beauties in particular. I have shot a series of shots of a Burnished Brass too, but I've not had time to process them yet (been extremely busy for the last 8 days and I have a lot of stuff to catch up on now that I am free again).

Burnished Brass


  1. Never seen one of these Anthony but looking at UK moths looks good to me and if fact yours looks better specimen than the UK Moths pic! Where did you catch it as they're reckoned to be scarce in N Wales?

  2. In my garden, only place I trap (though I would like to go more mobile). I have had them confirmed by Julian Thompson before. I am in Trefriw, and I have been told that they do get them in a couple of locations not too far away. So not unheard of, just rare. I got a better shot last year, but I have learnt some new macro photography tricks since then and I would like to get a better specimen too! I might have to do another trap tomorrow night to try to catch him again and leave some leaves in the trap this time.