Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dodgy Carpets

There were a few bits about last night.  I think a Red Carpet flew out of the box this morning. Another great escape.  There were seconds of Blastobasis adustelle and Agriphila geniculea and a Red Chestnut and a couple of Carpets were the rest.

I think these are Common Carpet:
 And Common Marbled Carpet but I could be wrong on both counts.  Not seen either quite as well marked or dark.
 Any ideas of this from Conwy RSPB this eve:


  1. I think your micro could be one of the Agapeta species. It looks quite faded; but seems to show yellow tones.

  2. Thanks yeap looks good for Agapeta hamana

  3. First 2 look ok to me although you need to look underneath common marbled to check for dark marbled carpet.