Sunday, 12 August 2012

The moth traps have been catching larger numbers in recent nights, with almost 400 moths of 37 species in one trap this morning. The highlights included a Dun-bar (about 7th record for the island), Straw Dot, Square-spot Dart (National Scarce B), Phycita roborella (new for Bardsey) and Acleris aspersana. In the mountain top heath trap, there were 622 True Lover's Knots!

 The Dun-bar
 Square-spot Dart
Phycita roborella- quite a nice moth which looks a bit scarce in North Wales. Anyone know how many records there have been?


  1. Hi Ben,
    Quite a few records of P.roborella From N.Wales.
    I get them frequently.
    Square-spot Dart is a great record,have you had GD identification? so many of my hoped for S.Q.Darts turned out to be White-line Darts which come in a bewildering variety in my area.

    1. Hi John,
      S.Q. Dart was first found on Bardsey in 1965, and since then there have been quite a few records, though more so in recent years. For example 77 were trapped in 2010. I am not entirely sure whether any have been sent off for dissection, although it sounds like its worth doing just in case.