Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Easy Tiger

 Common Darters at Conwy RSPB-up to no good.
6 spotted Burnet
 Its still the worst week for stuff flying out of the box as the lid gets lifted!
 Not sure about above:
Ruby Tiger from last night- at the front door light!  First for me.


  1. Your micro (above the Ruby Tiger image) is Udea lutealis :-)

  2. Pretty sure I caught the same micro a couple of nights ago Rob but mine was far too worn to be sure about it.

  3. ....by the way Rob I slide of these flimsy cake covers over my trap as soon as I lift the lamp to try and trap escapees. 2 for £1 in Poundshop!!

  4. I think the micro is actually Ebulea crocealis, lacking the oval kidney mark amongst other things

  5. That'll teach me to be over confident Ben :-) I agree; it looks good for Ebulea crocealis!

  6. Cheers guys, I've checked them out and see what you mean! At least you had a go Tris! More than I did but buying 'the book' might help! Maybe at the BF.