Sunday, 12 August 2012

Svensson's Copper Underwing and a few cool micros - Aug 12th

A productive night in the traps last night with a good number of Macros which included:-
Svensson's Copper Underwing - first for the garden
Ruby Tiger
Small Dusty Wave
14 Large Yellow Underwings
2 Lesser Broad bordered Underwing
1 Broad bordered Underwing
2 Swallowtail
Grey Dagger
Least Yelolow Underwing
3 Common Rustic
Dark Arches
Dusky Brocade

I attempted a few micros as well with the following i.d.'d
many Light Brown Apple Moth
Lozotaeniodes formosana
Ypsolopha dentella
2 Garden Rose Tortix
Agriphila geniculea

 My first Svensson's Copper Underwing in Penrhyn Bay
 Ruby Tiger
 Shuttle Shaped Dart
 Small Dusty Wave? Confirmation or correction appreciated
 Dusky Brocade
 Lozotaeniodes formosana - quite a good one for around here I think.
 Ypsolopha dentella
Agriphila geniculea 
 Garden Rose Tortix
Tortix sp? I'm catching lots of Light Brown Apple Moths but this seemed different and a lot plainer. i.d. would be appreciated.


  1. I caught Lozotaeniodes formosana in July Marc, it was 6th VC49 record now followed by the 7th! Looks good for small dusty wave, I had one on my garage door yesterday! Not sure about last one, could be another lbam.

  2. Cheers Julian. In mid Wales tonight and just set up the trap here in Welshpool- looking forward to see what the morning brings.

  3. Hi... Are you sure re Svensson's?

  4. I was thinking yours was a CU rather than SCU. Seems to have a defined lower bar. See my pic on old lady thread last week.