Saturday, 11 August 2012

Red-Veined Darter

 Found a red-veined darter on Mynydd Cilan on the Llŷn yesterday. It was on a small pool  known as Pwll Du. A shallow clifftop  pool that dries out in normal summers.  I couldnt get anywhere near it so resorted to digiscoping - hence the dodgy pics.
 Also on the other pools on the headland weer 10 emperors, including an egg-laying female, 5 common hawkers, emerald spreadwing and many common darters

teneral common darter

emerald spreadwing


Pwll du with Ynys Enlli in the distance

There were large numbers of butterflies on the  heathland, mostly grayling, ringlet and meadow brown and also a few common blues.

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