Friday, 17 August 2012

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Had another trapping session at R&R Scholfield's garden in Colwyn Bay last night and added a few more to their garden list including one of those tiny micros that I can't yet put a name too. It's a slate grey colour with antennae resting forward and the nearest I can get is the dark form of ypsolopha vittella - but there are only 4 other North Wales records! It is the same colour as coleophora albitarsell and coleophora seratella/spinella but these have white legs/antennae whereas they are all dark on this moth. Sadly not great pics because of its size but any help much appreciated.
Among others trapped were black arches (7th record for VC50), dark arches, dunbar and July highflyer.

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  1. Small dark moth may in fact be a caddisfly which I didn't realise came so small. I've sent pic off to Liverpool Museum to see if they can help.