Monday, 13 August 2012


Although there were smaller numbers of moths in the traps last night, there were plenty of new micros. Four new species for Bardsey to be exact, although one of them I caught a couple of weeks ago.

 Acrobasis advenella (used to be Trachycera a.
 Finally think that I've cracked this one from a few posts ago- I've looked everywhere and have come to the conclusion that it is Epinotia brunnichana. It doesn't show any variants that look quite like this, although the general shape and some of the markings fit the bill. What do people think?
 Cydia splendana
 Holly Tortrix. Considering that there is only one large holly bush on the whole island, its no wonder that this species hasn't been recorded here before
 And finally quite a nice-looking Bactra furfurana, second for Bardsey

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