Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rhoscolyn moths night of 1/2 Aug.

It seemed quite a good night. Just over 80 moths (macros, I'll hopefully grow up soon and look at the micros!) of 23ish species. Some were new to my garden trapping. True Lover's Knot I hadn't seen before - quite a little cutie. Fan-foot wasn't new but I had never spotted those amazing fan-feet before.

Yellow underwings were about, 7 each of LBBYU and Large YU and just 1 Lesser YU.

This Riband Wave was not a new species but this dark form I had not had before.

This Burnished Brass confused me by keeping its wings flat all the time.

The Broom Moth was a new one for me.

I think this is a Dotted Clay but would appreciate being put right if it isn't.

 is this a Common Quaker?

and finally - I'm sure I have had this before but just can't pin it down

any help gratefully received.


  1. Hi Ian,
    I think the last one is Lesser-broad-bordered Yellow Underwing-a bit worn. There's been a few around lately.

  2. Agree with Rob on lbbyu. I think the one above is ingrailed clay (too late in year for common quaker) although I can't see dark spot they usually have and the 2 dark marks on wing edge look good for dotted clay to me (one I've never caught).

  3. Agree with Dotted Clay and bottom being LBBYUW- not sure if the middle one is an Ingrailed Clay. Looks like a worn Rustic to me

  4. Thanks, guys, for those helpful views.